Ag sintering sintering

Silver sintering is a bonding technology using Ag micro-/nanoparticles extensively studied for die attach to prvoide superior thermal conductivity and reliability. A magor advantage of silver sintering process is it can be done at relatively low temperature and in air without high compression pressure or even pressure-less. The first studies on silver sintering as a die attach technique date back from the end of the eighties at Infineon.

Pressure-assisted sintering

Fang Yu et al. optimized the pressure-assisted sitnering process, decreasing the sintering time to 1 min under 7.6 MPa compression and at 300 °C. [1]

Pressure-less sintering

Substrate metallizations

In Ag sintering die attach, the Cu surface of the direct bonded copper (DBC) substrates is typically finished by Ni/Au or Ag, since oxidation of the Cu layer during Ag sintering is not acceptable.


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