Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI®)

Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI®), as an evolution of the ZiBond technology, is a bump-less hybrid bonding technology developed by Ziptronix, Inc. (owned by Tessera Technologies, Inc.) for 3D IC fabrication.

Bump-less direct bonded interconnects

The concept of bump-less direct bonded interconnects was firstly proposed by T. Suga at the University of Tokyo in 2000.[1]


1. Fermi Lab 3D stacked detector
2. Sony 3D stacked CIS-on-Logic IMX260 by DBI
Sony 3D stacked CIS on Logic IMX260 by DBI (from Chipworks[2]).


3. Teledyne 3D stacked Si-CMOS-on-InP by DBI
Teledyne 3D stacked Si-CMOS-on-InP by DBI.

Researchers of UCSB/Teledyne/UCSD, under the DARPA DAHI (Diverse Accessible Heterogeneous Integration) program initiated in 2013, has demonstrated a 30 GS/s sample-hold amplifier by 3D integration of high-performance compound semiconductor devices (InP HBTs) and Si CMOS using the DBI technology. [4]

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Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI®)
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Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI®)
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