Eutectic bonding bonding

Eutectic Alloys used in MEMS Packaging

Alloy Eutectic Temperature Eutectic Composition
Al-Ge 419 °C 49/51 wt%
Au-Ge 361 °C 28/72 wt%
Au-In 156 °C 1/99 wt%
Au-Si 363 °C 97/3 wt%
Au-Sn 280 °C 20/80 wt%
Cu-Sn 231 °C 1/99 wt%

Al-Ge eutectic bonding

Using wafer-level Al-Ge eutectic bonding at 450 °C, reseachers developed a chip scale integrated FMCW LADAR source, combining MEMS tunable VCSELs, silicon photonics and CMOS electronics by the MEMS-electronic-photonic heterogeneous integration shceme.