Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC)


Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) is a high-performance RAM interface specification for TSVs-based 3D DRAM memory.

HMC Specifications

  • HMC specification 1.0 [1] was published in April 2013;
  • HMC specification 2.1 [2] on 18 November 2014.

Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium (HMCC)

Founded by Micron Technology and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium is managed by a group of eight developers:

  1. Altera (now Intel)
  2. ARM
  3. IBM
  4. Micron Technology, Inc
  5. Open-Silicon, Inc.
  6. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
  7. SK Hynix
  8. Xilinx, Inc.

This group is responsible for managing the organization, attending management and adoption meetings, and developing and optimizing the ongoing HMC interface specification.

Products using HMC

Year Product Numbers of HMC chips Companies
2013 EX-800 Blade Server 1 on board Pico Computing (now Micron)
2015 Fujitsu SPARC64 XIfx (PRIMEHPC FX100) 8 on board Fujitsu


Multi-channel dynamic random access memory (MCDRAM) is a variant of the Hybrid Memory Cube and was used in the Intel Knights Landing Processors.