Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) is a kind of advanced substrate having a buried oixde layer underneath the silicon thin film. Other Semiconductor-on-Insulator advanced substrates include GeOI, III-V-OI, etc.



In 2016, by using FD-SOI, the World's First Qubit Device Fabricated In Standard CMOS Process was reported by reseachers at Leti and partners.

Fin-on-Insulater (FOI) FinFET


Silicon-on-Sapphire (SOS)

SOI-based 3D Integration

SOI-based 3D Integration was developed by MIT [1] and IBM [2], by using oxide-oxide direct bonding (SiO2–SiO2 bonding) through the Parallel 3D integration scheme. The stacked layers are connected by post-bonding through-oxide vias (TOVs, or called 3D vias).

SOI Photonics

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World's First Qubit Device Fabricated In Standard CMOS Process24 November 2016Quantum dots


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