Wafer-level underfill

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Wafer-level underfill is a technique for IC packaing with use of pre-applied underfill (or non-flow underfill or non-conductive film (NCF) underfill) at wafer-level, instead of chip-level by using the conventional capillary underfill (CUF).

Types of Underfill

  • Capillary Underfill (CUF) (into gap between chip and substrate)
Standard CUF are typically designed to cure at about 150 °C.
  • Pre-Applied Underfill
    • Non-Conductive Paste (NCP) (pre-applied on substrate)
    • Anisotropic Conductive Paste
    • Wafer-Level Underfill (WLUF) (pre-applied on wafer or chip)
    • Non-Conductive Film (NCF) (pre-applied on wafer or chip)
    • Non-Flow Underfill (pre-applied on wafer or chip)

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