ZiBond is a low-temperature direct bonding technology developed by Ziptronix, Inc. Ziptronix has been acquired by Tessera Technologies, Inc in 2015. Ziptronix ZiBond® and DBI® technologies are now available as part of the Invensas product portfolio.


During ZiBond processing, dielectric films like silicon oxide and silicon carbide nitride are polished to low surface roughness using conventional chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) tools and nitrogen-based chemistries are applied through conventional plasma etch processing (plasma activation). Prepared wafer surfaces are then aligned and brought into contact, resulting in the spontaneous formation of chemical bonds between die and/or wafers. A very strong, low distortion chemical bond with a bond strength about half the strength of silicon can be obtained at room temperature, and a reliable hermetic bond stronger than silicon can be obtained after heating to about 150 °C in batch processes.

ZiBond process flow.[1]